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Conteúdo da Avaliação Bimestral - Iª Unidade "Avançado"

6th -  Log In 1

Items to Study for the Trimester 1 Test - Units 1 - 3

Asking and giving personal information
Asking information about other people
Question words: what, where, & how old
The verb to be (+, -, ?)
Subject pronouns: I, you, he/she/it, we, you (plural), they
Prepositions: from, in + month
Countries and nationalities
Months of the year
Describing people
Talking about one’s favorite character
Giving opinions
Short answers using the verb to be
Possessive adjectives: my, your, his/her/its, our, their
Parts of the body
Adjectives – physical and personality
Asking what something is and how one says something in English (singular & plural)
Making suggestions: Let’s  + verb
Demonstrative pronouns: this, that, these, those
Possessive: ‘s
Conjunctions:  and & but
School and personal objects.

7th - Log In 2

Items to Study for the Trimester 1 Test - Units 1 – 3
Talking about one’s abilities
Talking about how often one does something
Talking about the safe use of the internet
Giving instructions
Can & can’t for abilities (+, -, ?)
Adverbs of frequency: never, rarely, sometimes, very often, usually, always
Question word: How often?
Sequencers: next, finally
Action words
Computer related words
Describing one’s home
Saying what is happening at the moment of one’s speech
Contrasting habits and routines with ongoing actions
Prepositions of place: in & at
Present continuous and present continuous vs. Present simple
Rooms in the house
House chores
Types of TV programs
Saying dates
Making suggestions and agreeing or disagreeing
Saying prices
Asking how much things cost
Buying things in a store
Question word: When?
Prepositions of time: in, on, & at
How about…?  What about…?
Ordinal numbers
Clothing items and accessories
Numbers 1 – 999
Different stores.

8th -  Log In 3

Items to Study for the Trimester 1 Test - Units 1 – 3
Talking about past experiences
Narrating mishaps and past events with a chronological sequence
Reading and writing biographies
Past simple and using when
Time expressions: last month, two days ago, a few years later, when he was…
Reflexive pronouns
Extreme sports
Multi-word verbs
Sports equipment
Chunks: to be born, set up a company
Narrating connected past events
Describing a scene in the past
Asking and answering questions about events in the past
Contrasting completed actions with actions in progress in the past  
Narrative: when + past simple
Past continuous (+, -, ?) and using while
Past simple vs. past continuous
Gestures and expressions
Chunks: make a donation, raise money
Charity related words
Action words and Prom-related words
Describing animals
Talking about one’s life
Comparing animals, cities, and different realities
Chunks: asking and giving opinions
Adjective-noun collocations.

9th -   FCE Result

Items to Study for the Trimester 1 Test - Units 1 – 3
Describing personality: argumentative, arrogant, bossy, easy-going, eccentric, honest, loyal, narrow-minded, open-minded, sensible, sensitive
Phrases: to take part in, to say sorry for, to take into account, to make fun of, to give one’s word, to have a row, to play a part in, to lend a hand, to lose track of, to let one know
Talking about the future using the following verb tenses: will future, going to future, present simple, present continuous, future continuous, future perfect simple, future perfect continuous
Describing natural landscapes: dune, mountain, hill, valley, lagoon, desert, lake, pond, field, forest, wood, jungle, beach, shore, coast, plain, bush, hedge, waterfall, tree
Matching words with prepositions: worried about, at risk, reason for, full of, hooked on
Verb patterns: verbs that follow in the –ing form or the infinitive
Collective nouns: a flock of.., a herd of.., a pack of…, a bunch of …, audience, cast, crew, crowd, gang, panel, staff, team
Phrasal verbs: to bring up, to come across, to come up to, to keep up, to take away
Extreme adjectives: ancient, astounded, boiling, exhausted, filthy, freezing, furious, gorgeous, hideous, hilarious, spotless, starving
Other adjectives: amusing bizarre, mysterious, comical, funny, unusual, hilarious, peculiar, odd, humorous, hysterical, strange, weird, adventurous, creative, rebellious, risk-taking, unconventional
Talking about the past using the following verb tenses: past simple, past continuous, present perfect simple, present perfect continuous, past perfect simple, past perfect continuous, used to, would
Phrasal verbs with put: to put up with, to put down, to put up, to put down to, to put up to, to put through, to put away, to put in, to put across.

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